Monday, March 14, 2011

Days of Lemt - Day Three

Lead Angels in Worship

Ever since last weekend I have this sense of Jesus dancing in Heaven- really dancing- hard! This isn't something I "believe in." It just dropped into my thoughts last Saturday, and now every time I think about it I start giggling like a girl. I mean I can't help laughing till I almost cry. 

Today, be in love with Jesus and let the Holy Spirit in you dance for Him, and see if you can keep from laughing.  And if you start giggling like a girl, don't say I didn't warn you.

You're leading angels in worship!

I'm after Your heart, why should I be still when the worship starts Lord?!
I'm so in love with You. What can man do? Can't hold me back anymore!

You spin over me, and You are pleased when I spend myself on You.
I'm gonna let go and really worship, letting my dance come forth.

Dance Dance, Let the Spirit move you, Dance Dance, Holy Spirit in you!


Laura said...

Reading this entry made ME laugh out loud...and then I pictured Jesus hopping around and dancing and that brought a smile too. He loves us and rejoices over us!

Billy said...

Hey Laura! I've been grinning all week over this one! Lovin' me some Jesus! :-D
Hey, I see you started your blog! Awesome Food! I'm craving!