Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The Mediocracy of Normal

We trade our dreams and our lives for something that keeps us from suffering- a job that pays the bills and gets the kids through school.  You make a compromise with the devil when you do that. I won't go after my dreams and you won't kill me.

We live in the middle of a raging war. We are all it's victims, but we can be it's victors.

The evidence of this war is the broken lives and broken dreams scattered all around us- if not in our very own experience. We see it in generations of lies, and greed and selfishness that takes and takes, and leaves behind pain and ruin.  In America, why is there cancer, and obesity, and heart disease? Why is there poverty and prison injustice?

The call on my life is to step into the ruin and make it beautiful.  

We trade the idea of going after our highest imaginations for something mediocre that's attainable and will feed and shelter us.  In doing this we give up something that would be beautiful, for something normal.  Its the mediocrity of normal, and it's killing us. It holds many captive, while others it takes down into chains. Its a mediocracy. A government of don't make waves. And we are ruled by it.

But ours is a gospel of taking the broken lives and un-pursued dreams into the care of God, and resurrecting them, breathing life into them... making them beautiful.  He's the one who put them in you at the start. They are creative, because He's a creator- and you are a co-creator. They are noble because He is noble and good, and you were made for that too.  This is the life that God brings into this war. In the midst of battle, He is Love- unafraid and steadfast - He is not going away.