Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I want you hungry

I'm telling you about your state. How I made you. I want you hungry. ...not to live in poverty, not to be frustrated or filled with angst, but to set you on the adventure of finding Me!

See the injustice, see the lack. Every need for change is the call to find Me! This is motivation. Discover that I'm the answer. The need isn't the mountain to climb.  I am.  See the need, and discover Me.

I'm the Mountain to climb
I'm the gold to mine
I'm the cliff to dive
I'm the depth to plumb

Its not a walk in the park
Not a day at the beach
Not a pleasant peaceful path in the woods
Not a pretty flower

Those things you'll find on the way, but the way itself is discovery, the way is adventure, the way is following the hunger, and if you recognize it as My way, it is the hunger to reveal the things of Heaven. Your task, your role, what you're made for, is to seek those things out and bring them to earth. The kingdom of God is near to you. Grasp it, grasp Me.

"C'mon and ask Me! Ask me!
C'mon, and knock down the doors!
My kingdom's yours! My kingom's yours!"

I'm the Joy