Thursday, December 6, 2012

Where are the Next-Level believers?

My question now is - where are the songs?  Where are the believers of my generation, any generation, who are experiencing the life of loving and being loved by God, and who become something because of that?  Where are the bringers of the kingdom?

God is spoken of in hushed tones- leaving people untouched, unloved, unemployed
Why isn't there more knowledge of God out in the wild?  Why are we repeating the same lessons some 30 years after we all learned them the first time- where are the next level believers? Are they hiding? Why aren't they exhibiting the dominion of God in every place and in every way? Why is God spoken of in hushed tones- leaving people untouched, unloved, unemployed?  Where are those who are experiencing the love and power of God?  And why aren't they showing themselves and making God known on the earth for all His goodness and loving-kindness?  Where is the demonstration, and where is the discussion and the volumes written of what happens through a mature believer's life? Where are the books about the eternal life of knowing our God, and taking ground from the devil, making him look bad in the process, and transforming the culture with the Love of God?  Where is the revelation that what we're doing with the rest of our lives is expressing the overwhelming power of Jesus that always leads us into victory over the schemes of the devil? Go ahead son or daughter of God.  Hear and declare the will of God over your next challenge. Watch Jesus crush satan's head for you. Tell me that's not a kick ass life. You are God's weapon in eternity.

The expression being given was failing men.
I realize that the discontent in my heart is driving me to become the answer to my own question. In the same way Isaac Watts wrote new songs because he saw that the pure magnificence of Jesus Christ demanded a new expression. The songs of his day, the psalms, came from one man's heart, but he had songs in his own heart that needed expression.  And Luther, the closer he got to God, the more he saw the crying need for everyone to have this word. Watts "rebelled" against the constraints of a form that had grown stale - by writing new songs that refreshed and inspired hearts with faith. Luther rebelled against the church that misrepresented the true God by making Him known in all His loving-kindness. These two men were compelled to give a greater expression of God because the expression being given was failing men.  God is so much more than what I'm seeing and hearing - what passes for the knowledge of God out there in my culture. I feel the expression of God in America is failing man, and I'm about to rebel.

There's no escaping the fire in Jesus' eyes
For one thing, if we really read and believed the Bible, we would talk about Satan more. Because Jesus was in the world to tear down his works and schemes. The schemes he has spent all of time constructing to misrepresent God.  Well, I have the inside intel on those plans, and I believe God has a direct answer to all those "questions" Satan raises against God.  There's no escaping the fire in Jesus' eyes or the sword in His mouth or the blood dripping from His robes as He gives God's answers to all those so-called questions. I pray for THAT Spirit to fill me as I contend for my faith, and bring the truth about God's overwhelmingly loving nature. It's overwhelming.

He's the enemy of man,  the enemy of your baby,  and the enemy of God.  
Here's one example of what I mean.
"We prayed and things finally worked out, thank God" Thing's did not "work out"! You called on the One who has authority over your enemy, and He crushed Satan's head!!  You're not getting a nice life, you're taking ground away from your enemy. He's the enemy of man, the enemy of your baby, and the enemy of God.  You just called him out on his schemes, and the right man for the job stepped in and slayed your enemy.

Being awesome.
I'm rewriting American Christianity because it is wrong.  Its failing the culture it is meant to transform. It stops way before it makes any impact. Who's writing THAT script?  It's not biblical, I know that. Rewriting the songs, and the verbiage we all use to express God in our lives. I only want to use language of faith that I implement. Express faith that I see. And what I see is that God made us to declare and pray down the dominion of Christ on the earth.  Jesus is in the world, speaking to our spirits and giving us life. Through us then, He is expressing His dominion in a world currently run by satan, man's enemy, God's enemy.   Not being nice.  Being overwhelming.  Being awesome. Being Love...  Consuming the enemy, putting him on public display, and taking what he ruined and making it beautiful. That's the Love and Power of God, and it's what we were made for.