Wednesday, November 26, 2014

America's Mustard Seed

The kingdom of God is like a mustard seed, which although it is the smallest seed in the garden, it grows into a tree. Matt 13:32

The enduring strength of America is the tree that has grown from a seed.  The seed?  It is is found in the initial declarations of the founders- the Pilgrims in the Mayflower Compact, the authors of the Declaration of Independence- these founders carried with them a powerful seed, born of the kingdom of God.  

That seed was the knowledge that mankind is loved and valued by God- that each man is given value by God.  And if that was true, then it would look like something- first of all, like freedom to worship God according to each man's conscience.  This led to freedom from the oppressive English monarchy.  And having won the freedom that was held, deeply, as having been given by God, the same men went on to define how free men, valued men, would live.   

Men valued by God would be honored individually by their government. And that government would be subject to those free men.  The governors would be subject to the consent of the governed.  The free men of the land would further be valued by having property rights, access to finances without usury, and many other fine inventions of the new world.  The Christian World.*

The seed, nurtured in the hearts of men who received the idea that human value is from their Maker, has grown into the largest tree in the garden.  What a powerful seed. Perhaps it will find fertile soil in my own heart.

Happy Thanksgiving Day America!  It's God who values you!

*This view went on to lead the world in the ending of slavery.  The seed of God - expressing His value of individuals - still leads the world into understanding His design and intention - that the destiny of all is freedom.  Slavery continues horribly today in regions where there is no seed of the kingdom of God.  Regret not that America once had slaves. Thank God for the seed He spoke into hearts- the seed of human value- that ended slavery in America and wherever God is loved.