Saturday, January 15, 2011

Prince of Peace

Prince of Peace
Akiane Kramarik 
(age 8)

Perhaps I wanted to catch it
perhaps not

But one morning
an eagle dropped a diamond

And right then
with my faulty brush
full of my own hair
I wanted to paint

I wanted to paint the wings-
Too late - they flew away
I wanted to paint a flower
Too late - it withered

That night the rain
was running after me
Each drop of rain
showed God's face
His face was everywhere
On homes and on me

I wrung out the love
to make the red

I wrung out the stumps
to make the brown

I wrung out the trust
to make the pink

I wrung out my own eyes
to make the blue

I wrung out the seaweed
to make the green

I wrung out the nightly pain
to make the black

I wrung out my grandmother's hair
to make the gray

I wrung out my visions
to make the violet

I wrung out the truth
to make the white

Today I want to paint God's face

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

What did God make when He made man?

By all accounts, angels are bigger, stronger, and way more mighty than man.  When they appear men fall on their faces in fear.  They're always saying "Don't be afraid."  That is, when they're not slaying 185,000 men with a single wave of their hand.  When it comes to things on earth and with man, angels are fearsome, dreadful beings.

And I think that may go for all the other creatures in Heaven that we have tiny glimpses of throughout scripture- seraphim, and those flying creatures with no name... It's just that they live in Heaven and behold the face of God all the time, and all the works of His hands, and the light of His presence, and the increase of His government, and how everything is known, and even the rocks are living by His power, by His word... they can't help but carry power from that.

We, on the extreme other hand, can't see God. We're not really sure what all is going on in Heaven.  And we're astonishingly gullible creatures. It didn't take Satan long to take us captive and steal authority over the whole earth from us... We have limitations like only having 70 or 90 years to live (you know, versus forever for angels), we don't know God's will, or His true nature, or we know it poorly.  We, with veiled faces, see as through a glass dimly, the things of God.


So what exactly did God make when He made man?  We are obviously not His most mighty creature.  I have an inkling that when God made man, He in fact, made the weakest, most limited being He ever made.  What leads me to think this?  Well, He does say quite clearly how blessed are the poor and the weak, and how He regards the humble. How its the last that shall be first... And many more words about the value He places on lesser things. I think it may be that He has made us... lesser... In fact... least.

So I kind of laugh a little bit when we strive to become stronger or greater.  Its as though, even if you were to be great, and be a true leader of men, we are still just a room full of midgets arguing about who's tallest!  

In the big picture, God didn't make us big! 

So, where the heck am I going with this?  Well, being true to the purpose of this blog, I think I see in this a surprising aspect of God's nature that I really never expected... or even really ever heard of!


He made us smallest and weakest.  And He tells us, go ahead and take down the works and plans of Satan in the world. I'm getting the distinct impression that God laughs from Heaven with delight when we stuff it in Satan's face!  

I can hear Him say it like this, "Hah!  I made the weakest creatures I ever made in my life!!! And they can take whatever they want from My kingdom, bring it to earth, and walk all over you and your works!  And I will laugh from heaven!"  ...The way Jesus laughed when the disciples came back from healing the sick and casting out demons in His name.  He said, "I saw Satan falling from heaven like lightning!" You can't tell me Jesus wasn't stoked that day! 

I think God likes to display His true glory, power and Love in us, and maybe just as much likes to make a public spectacle of Satan and his supposed power through such a weak vessel as man.  I find some comfort in this knowledge. ...and more than a little bit of humor.

Colossians 2:14-15 "He canceled the record of charges against us and nailed them to the cross.  In this way, he disarmed the spiritual rulers and authorities and made a public spectacle of them by his victory over them on the cross."