Thursday, March 1, 2012

God's Plan for Your Life

 How much does God have a plan for your life 
and how much is your own free will?

I actually have a thought about that. 

If you understand God's plan for mankind... the way you interpret THAT will directly influence the decisions you make about HOW you do what you do, and I think eventually, as you make those decisions, you'll eventually have a plan that emerges. It will be your own plan probably but it will be directly influenced and shaped by the way you interpreted and implemented your understanding of God's plan for mankind.

If you don't have any idea about what God is doing on the earth, and throughout the history of mankind on the planet, even in a broad way, how can you have any idea what He would specifically want for your individual life?  And if you did have an idea for your individual life, how would you know if you were right?

My belief is that getting a handle on what His bigger plan is, His biggest plan- which spans from before the earth was formed, to long after the earth is done away with; which takes in all of the strife and suffering of this present darkness, and more significantly, His dominion over it as Jesus expressed it- understanding THAT, is what you need in order to have the right context in which to even ask such a question as what is His plan for your life.

How much does God care about what job you take, or whether you become a doctor or a coffee roaster or a nurse or a missionary.  In fact, just plan on being a missionary right now. OK, now that that's settled, what do you think God's plan is for your life as a missionary?  How do you even begin to answer that?  Well here's my first question. Do you think it has something to do with 
  • Who He is?
  • What He's about?
  • His plan for someone other than you?
  • How about His plan for everyone other than you?
  • How about His plan for every person who has ever been and who ever will be born?
  • How about His plan for Himself?

  • Could it be related to what Jesus did when He walked the earth?
  • How about His plan to reconcile the conflict that still rages in Heaven between Himself and Satan?
  • How about His plan for Satan and all his fallen angels?

Now what do you think His plan for your life might include?  Could it have something to do with His bigger plans?  Are you  a part of His plan for all of mankind?  I think you are, if you're a mankind :-)   Are you a part of His plan for Himself?  I think you are if He made you...

    I think if you have an idea of what He's doing in the big picture, then you can start to ask what He might think of what you do with YOUR life.  But without a bigger picture, I think your question will be unmanageable, I mean, you will never have any way of knowing if you were right or not. That's part of the problem in the first place- how can you even know?  

    I believe the question will answer itself when you see what He's done in making mankind, and understanding what that makes you...  

    Thus, this blog...