Friday, March 18, 2011

Days of Lemt - Day Six

Love everyone it's in your heart to love

I was in a semi-rough neighborhood yesterday with a friend.  We were just there for a quick deed. We're both on this journey of LEMT- learning that loving Jesus looks more like being in love with Him than working at our Christian life - whatever that is...

We weren't in the neighborhood for very long.  But definitely long enough to feel the forces that are at work there, and long enough to feel the love of Jesus for that place.  Especially for all the kids out playing in the street, and for the older ones, and their struggle to maintain.  Its amazing how God works in our hearts in zero time. There was immediate compassion and hope and vision and purpose in our short visit.

Afterwards we were talking about our visit and how it was such an open door for ministry. I asked if she wanted to go be a missionary.  She said, "No.... I just want to tell them all about Jesus."  Haha!  I just think Jesus loved that, and laughed, and loved some more.

I think we're getting it.


Melanie said...

goodness...I have been feeling the same thing. I have asked the Lord to open my eyes to those that may need encouragement and love; people that are in my neighborhood, grocery store...wherever I may be at the time. I have had opportunity to encourage our grocery clerk with prayer and a couple other situations. We just have to see AND be willing to be Jesus with skin on. Walking in boldness and carrying the Light into dark places.:D

Billy said...

I think you got it!