Sunday, August 15, 2010

How lovely are the feet...

This week 10 Christians were murdered by the Taliban in Afghanistan. They were returning to Kabul after spending two weeks giving medical care to people in a remote town. Several of the Christians murdered had been serving the Afghan people for 30 years. They were accused of spying and trying to convert Muslims to Christianity and were killed on the spot.

Heather Mercer (you might remember her story of escape from the Taliban in 2001) says Christians should continue to pray and bring the gospel, because without Christ, there is no hope for Afghanistan. She also said "I don't know that those who died would have been surprised that this might be the outcome someday. ...they had already given their lives for the Afghan people.
They didn't just give their lives the day they physically lost their lives."

*Isaiah 52:7 "How lovely on the mountains of Afghanistan are the feet of them that bring good news."

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cindy said...

Billy, news like this gets buried under more "important" things. This is significant. People need to know. God is moving in the hearts of men.
... so that all may know what is good and righteous....