Saturday, July 31, 2010

Stuff my Dad says

Watchman Nee states "God will never circumvent our own spirit by His." He's a gentleman, never forcing His way on us... So, what DOES he do then? If He's not forcing Himself into our decisions or smiting us for our misdeeds, how DOES He speak? What IS He doing?

I think He is being Himself - True. Altogether wise. Loving. Utlimately powerful. Patient. Gentle. Kind. These are quiet qualities, yet, from Him, mountainous. Unscalable in their magnitude.

I think this because of stories like this one. I had been driving for two hours, growing more and more upset at other drivers in a mad hurry, behaving like children jumping in front of eachother in line, etc, etc, etc...

My temperature was rising, and I'm saying things like, "What an idiot that guy is!" or, "How can they be so stupid!" etc, etc, etc...

And then I hear quietly in my ear "Oh, you mean people?"

As in, "People? ...I love people. ...I poured my life out for people..."

In a moment I am transformed from a frustrated and growingly angry driver to a humbled, quieted, contrite... and free... person, who has heard from a patient, gentle, and wise God. One word, one moment forever changed my thoughts while driving, and maybe more than just while driving. THAT is mountainous! And it is kind.

Perhaps then, He only ever speaks or acts out of His very nature. - And I have evidence that His nature is kind. He is patient with us. And I think its true that God is love.

*1 John 5:20 '...the Son of God has come, and has given us understanding so that we may know Him who is true...'


Tammie said...

Was thinking on His Kindness today... beautiful post, B.... Love it :-)

Mark Moore said...

Billy - I think you are getting the hang of this stuff. These are great thoughts, friend. I'm glad you are writing them down.