Wednesday, August 25, 2010

What's God Doing in the World today?

It's what He's been doing since the beginning of the world.

Really? You mean He isn't done yet? What's taking Him so long? And what IS He doing anyway? And when is He gonna be done?

I've spent some time trying to understand the big plan from beginning to end.

So what is it?

Aside from expressing His nature and His redemption individually to people... and displaying His dominion over this finite physical realm... God is, for a time yet, adding people to His kingdom. People who worship Him in Spirit and in Truth, and who, even amidst their pain, continue in faith in their God. He is answering their cries for help, wiping away their tears, and best of all, taking back ground that had been stolen by Satan. This is a big part of what He is doing.

I believe He is also looking within that group for warriors in the battle with Satan. I say that because He has been building this in me recently. I've never understood the messages about putting on the armor of God and doing battle with the enemy. But recently I've been peeling back the big questions, and the answers are revealing that this whole world is a battle ground where the dominion of God over Satan is to be displayed. Its the work of the believer to bring the kingdom of God into the world... on those terms.

Taking Ground

That changes the whole game for me. I suddenly see myself as a fighter. Not a lover. Well, not the emotional, empathetic puddle kind of love. But a strong love that is uncompromising and refuses to give any ground to Satan. My friends will keep their marriages together because that is God's will and He is about TAKING ground from Satan, not losing it. That's what God is about in the world today.

Jesus' words, "I only do what I see the Father doing." are most dear to my heart right now, and I am seeing what the Father is doing. When the need is oinment for pain, He can give me a word for the hurting (this requires such humility of spirit, and for my outer man to be broken). If one is deaf, He will show me Himself healing their hearing. If one is frightened, He will give me the words of encouragement and how to say them.

This vision for ministry is not entirely new to me, but I'm more convinced now that it is an act of warfare- of taking ground from Satan... It's all ground he's stolen, and while he held it, he marred it with pain and suffering. Now I'm here to take it back. And under the Lord's care, make it beautiful again. I want to be careful not to sound too big. I prayed for Cindy's hearing last Friday night (she's had a loss of hearing her whole life). It was a step of faith and I'm not daunted in the least that she did not miraculously hear perfectly (and neither is she). It was launching an attack on an enemy stronghold. There will be more.

He's in the world today

The Holy Spirit is in the world today and He is here to teach us to pray. Pray, and then learn from the Holy Spirit what He is saying to you about praying better next time. It's about bringing the kingdom of God into the earth, and displaying the dominion and glory of God.

Perhaps we can improve in how well we pray, and how often we see answers to our prayers. I think we can learn to know the mind and will of God with growing discernment and accuracy. Don't just keep praying.... Get better at it!
Here's my test case. I think I can get better at (1) hearing God (2) sensing His Spirit (3) getting my dumb self out of the way (4) discerning His will and (5) letting His Spirit rule the day.

I know I'll misstep, misspeak, pray and not see immediate changes... But I'm also sure that I'm practicing and getting better at it. With each step of faith into the battle, I'm following the Father into what he's doing, and He's the Lord!

1 Sam 14:6 "...let's go over to the enemy's outpost... perhaps the Lord will act on our behalf..."

Yeah, them's fightin' words....

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cindy said...

you go, Billy! Put on the whole armor of God! Jesus teaches us to pray through His example ( the Lord's Prayer).