Thursday, May 26, 2011

God is Love II

I have to lay this out. I was in total error in my last post. Reading it back now, I seemed earnest and intense about wanting the Love of God that I bring to have gravity.  Just want to say, I'm completely embarrassed by that right now.  

It's total error.  Its soulish and moody and heavy because it's centered on me and what I have.
It's self-serving and self-conscious, not God-centered.  By the end, it barely acknowledges Him!


I truly struggled with the strong impression I got that day on Jesus Street that the darkness is so great and pervasive, and what it would take to overcome it is so great, and I don't have anything like enough. I have these three fish, but there are thousands who need to be fed.  I completely lost sight of Who is bringing the Love in the first place.

In a devotional I read by Witness Lee, he says, "Whenever we intend to fight against the powers of darkness, Satan, through his accusations, causes our conscience to become very sensitive. These feelings actually are not the sensitivity of the conscience, but the result of Satan's accusations.  Our immediate response should be, “I overcome Satan, the accuser, not by my perfection, and not even by a conscience void of offense, but by the blood of the Lamb. ...Christ is the breastplate of righteousness that covers my conscience and guards me from Satan's accusations.”"

Revelation 12:10 "the accuser of our brothers has been cast down, who accuses them before our God day and night."

God is good and He wants to prove it. God is Love and He wants to show it. God's presence is overcoming every darkness, and losing sight of that is losing hold to what anchors and holds us. It's not about me, not even about man- except as recipients of God's purposes to display His lovingkindness- it's everlasting.

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