Sunday, March 12, 2017

How to Change Society

"You will be confident, because there is hope." - Job 11:18

Society doesn't want to be changed. 

It spent a long time getting to where it is.  But it's failing to show compassion for the outcast and the orphan. How does it address it's needs?  "We have people for that..."  

That's not a society that embraces change, that's the embedded selfishness of every man's heart. And I'm afraid that is what I think makes up our society.  

But I believe change can happen. It will be when you go for the heart.  Present a shining example of a heart set free in a self-sustaining, compassionate solution for the needs in your world, and you'll win hearts, and change society.

Society will reject your attempt to change it.

Solution 1 - I look at Sierra Club, Greenpeace, you name the organization- they generate outrage at the offense, and try to shame established entities into doing "What is right..."  Is this producing real change?  Maybe... with a hammer... I don't agree with that approach. It's angry and is simply not God's way. It may change a behavior, but it won't change society. It's not a solution. 

Solution 2 - My premise is that as a man or woman of God you have access to heaven on subjects that are near to your heart. You may acquire the eternal solution God has been waiting for you to ask Him for.  Bring that solution to the world at your own expense and at the expense of those who have assaulted heaven with you.  Implement it and watch society love it.  Because it will be the pure heart of God.

I believe if people could see God, they would see what they have always been after.  It is for the people of God to manifest heaven.  Go to heaven, and get some of it, and bring it to earth. It will be irresistible.

Sorry to say this, but if you try to convince anyone of anything, you might be a jerk and ruin everything.  Isn't that the cry of every non-believer against Christianity- the people are jerks?  But discipline yourself for godliness, acquire heaven's solutions, and bring them to the culture that so desperately needs them, and you will watch hearts melt at the goodness of God.

Society might even change a little. Just your little part of it.  But you will have brought Heaven, and that's eternal. Where it lands and what impact it has are in God's hands.  I have a hunch He'll honor it.

Here's a kid who knows how to change the world.

"You will be confident, because there is hope." - Job 11:18

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