Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Social Responsibility

I'm finally reading a book on the subject of "corporate social responsibility" - it's a really big deal in business.  Corporate giving back.  Well, I'm just not impressed.  And besides, it already has a name.

I call it the Love of God.

Chapters and volumes are spent describing and defining this revolutionary practice of Corporate Social Responsibility.  It just falls short with me.  It's like putting Josh Hamilton to the plate and telling him to bunt. It's just such a waste of horsepower, and not what he could accomplish at all.

Here's my version of corporate social responsibility, set free:

Get radicalized for Jesus and then go demonstrate the righteousness of God in the marketplace.  Spend your life and your means and your business goals on showing the world what the Love of God looks like.  In fact, use every resource and every tool devised by man, and demonstrate every aspect of the true nature of God.  And if there is not a business practice, or technical achievement, or invention, or a form of government adequate to fully express everything that you have to say about what God looks like, then invent a new one.  The world will benefit.

Somehow, hearing God's own vast answers to my biggest questions, has radicalized my life.

I don't have it all verbalized yet, but I can feel a sufficiency inside me now for every challenge.  I'm not looking for a fight, though it feels like that. Like a kid who is pretty sure he can hit the ball out of the park if he had to.  I was like that when I came to bat. The coach would say "just singles" but when I went for just singles I'd fly out.  I knew I could hit that ball far.  It took a while but I finally stopped listening to the coach and did what I felt I could do.  I turned out to be a pretty good power hitter.  I caused outfielders to do exploits to run down my hits.   My gospel says be released into the display of God's joy that He made you to display on the earth.

That's what I'm trying to say here, and it's just one of so many ways I am hearing the same message from God.  You were made for things as vast as Heaven, made to manifest them on the earth.   So go after it, son!

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Now that is Awesomeness!!