Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Not a Servant

I want to write about the place of rest we have in our Father's house.  What a place of welcome and pleasant acceptance it is to be supping with our Father in His house.  He makes His house your very own heart when you open it to Him.  This was shared recently at my church- what awaits the one who will open the door when he hears that knock.  Its Jesus at the door. He and the Father want to come in and sup with you.

It is a wonder that the one who is self sufficient, happy and healthy, can so easily miss the gentle knock.  And the one who is so aware of his poverty, blindness, nakedness, wretchedness... hears His knock so clearly.  

"But I don't want to be poor in spirit. I'm happy and healthy, and I want to be strong."  

You just don't know.  The one who is poor in spirit can fall in love with a Savior who comes in gentleness, and with love and power and joy.  Its OK if you're strong. He loves you too. You'll just never really know that He was right there to catch you all along, if you had only let go.

At first, we were scared to let Him in because of what He might say to us.  We were afraid to let Him see our stuff, or we were just holding on to it, unwilling to let it go.  But the day we did, we found that He was really a good God, and in a good mood, and He liked us. Wow, that was cool.  

Today He comes knocking again.  And to those who respond, who aren't too happy and healthy to have no need of what this door-knocker has to sell... they will sit at the table with their God.  These will be the overcomers.  They are the ones who are called up to join Him- to sit with their Savior in His throne.

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